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Keeping and serving Church Hanbeers.

Although counter intuitive, unfiltered and unclarified beers are in fact a lot purer than you may imagine.


Filtering is a common practice for most commercial breweries, as it increases return on investment (no need to wait for natural clearing) and sales (uninformed customers don’t like harmless cloudiness and sediment). Some beers are even triple filtered!  Yet filtering removes yeast and taste and without yeast there is no natural carbonation.  Filtered beers must be carbonated artificially through a process that is neither traditional nor sustainable. Moreover, commercial beers are commonly clarified with animal products such as isinglass (fish derived) and gelatine (collagen from various animal by-products).


Church Hanbrewery believe in simplicity and purity. That is why all our beers are unfiltered, unclarified and suitable for vegetarians! Carbonation happens in the bottle through natural fermentation.


For maximum enjoyment, serve as per suggestions below.


1. Transport and store in upright position.


2. Refrigerate at the recommended temperature, to achieve optimum 



3. Gently pour the content into a glass, leaving a small quantity in the bottle.


4. Wait for the beer head to develop.


5. Gently pour the remaining amount left in the bottle over the beer head.


6. Enjoy with all senses.

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