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Our logo tells who we are and our spirit of craftsmanship.

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Church Hanbrewery supports charitable projects and works with our local community. We are an active contributor to Church Hanborough Beer Festival and many other festivals. 

Church Hanbrewery is a very small family run brewery that was founded in a quaint little village called Church Hanborough in West Oxfordshire. In the village, there were three important things - the church, the pub and the brewery. Although the brewery has now moved 3 miles away, the church and the pub are still there.


Every beer is handcrafted in very small batches and every batch is carefully inspected daily. At the moment we are producing around 2,000 bottles per month. Our plan is to expand slowly, in a controlled manner and only when necessary. 


The beers are bottled and labelled by hand, one by one. Every batch is carefully checked, tasted and approved by our master brewer before release. We age our beers for a minimum period of six weeks before sale. The beers continue to mature in the bottle and to develop their character gradually. Patience is key.


We are sometimes asked how to guarantee consistency and that every batch is exactly the same. As true artisans, we are always developing our craft and we would like to believe we are getting better over time in a quest for perfection that can never be achieved. This spirit of craftmanship and search for perfection is our structural foundation. Consistency for us to be consistently good.


Spirit of Craftsmanship

We promise wholeheartedly to:


• Always share our art to everyone’s benefit – our lists of ingredients are transparent and open, and clearly displayed on our labels.


• Always give full support to other craft brewers – we are open to sharing experiences and methods with other small brewers and beer enthusiasts.


• Work to secure the future of craft beer making – by involving the new generation and developing new talented brewers.


• Prioritise sustainability and quality over everything else – for example, we will never change our recipes to cut costs.


• Always brew for fun and excitement – all our beers have to be different with their own personality, and trigger all senses.

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