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Our Coat of Arms tells our story and what we stand for.

Our Coat of Arms tells our story and what we stand for.

Born, bred and located in the heart of England, Church Hanbrewery is English by heart and nature.


We are true believers of local produce and we supply all our ingredients locally.


Although we have an international range of beers, because all beers are brewed in England with English ingredients (where available), we can wholeheartedly say all our beers are English.

We are real beer enthusiasts who love beers wherever they come from, as long as they are good.


The reference to the Brazilian flag represents our international background and the knowledge acquired from tasting some of the best beers around the world.


We believe this experience has helped us choose the best beer types for our exclusive collection.

Art for the Sake of Art!

(Or Brewing for the Sake of Brewing)


We think brewing is an art and a way of life and our ultimate goal is to brew special beers with strong personality that are exciting and stimulating.


All our beers must play with all senses and have beautiful colour, nice and disticnt fragrance, excellent and unique taste, right carbonation, and decent gravity (or good alcohol content). That's why all our beers have ABV ranging from 4.5% and 6.0%.


We think the best way to appreciate our beers is slowly before, during or after meals.


As our beers have character, it is uncommon to find someone who loves all of them. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find someone who doesn't love any of them. Which is the right one for you?



Much In Little!


We are true purists who believe real craft is in achieving much in little.


That is why we use only a few and the freshest ingredients in our beers. Our recipes and processes are simple and inspired by traditional brewing.


Everything is natural, as it should be. For example, there is no clarifying agent, no flavour enhancer, no head retention agent, no food colouring, no sulfites, no preservatives, our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, and we don’t use chemicals or strong cleaning agents.


Our beers are 100% pure and made with proper grains (no malt extracts), proper hops (no hop pellets), and the pure water from West Oxforshire. Our fruit beers are brewed with real fruit!

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